Calculating the function of an integral

Calculating the integral of a polynomial is the inverse of calculating the derivative of a polynomial.
In mathematical symbols, ∫f(x)dx = F(x) + C
The integral of the term axn is {a /(n+1)} * x(n+1)
The integral of a polynomial that consists of more than one term is the sum of the integrals of all the terms. For example:
If f(x) = x 2 + 4
then F(x) =∫(x 2 + 4)dx = (1/3)x3 + 4x + C
If f(x) = 5x 4 + 4x3
then F(x) =∫(5x 4 + 4x3)dx = x5 + x4 + C
Your interactive polynomial is:
In this case,

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